An excellent way to deepen your walk with Christ is to be part of our MIDWEEK Discipleship Ministry.  During the school year (September—May), a wide variety of Bible studies are provided for adults on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 PM.  These studies cover a wide gamut of topics and range from four weeks up to twelve or so weeks in duration.  In general, our MIDWEEK Discipleship classes/studies fall within one of these categories:


KNOW only png.png

Level 100 - KNOW: In this level studies will be geared towards helping a follower of Christ grow in their knowledge of God and His Word - the Bible.  In-depth classes are offered for studying the Old and New Testaments, Church History, Sound Biblical Theology, Basic Christianity, etc.  These courses are ideal for new believers, individuals wanting to brush up on basic theology or those wanting a general understanding of Christianity.

Level 200 - GROW: Studies within this level tend to focus on applying the truth of God’s Word to everyday life.  Studies include topics that deal with personal discipleship, family, finances and relationships.



Level 300 - GO: Courses designed to help believers discover, develop, and deploy their ministry within the body of Christ, the Church.  Believers move from being spectators of God’s work in the world to being on mission with God.


Updated information can be found throughout our facilities and on the Northside Baptist Church app.