The Preschool at Northside Baptist Church provides a safe, loving environment for young children to learn that the BIBLE is God’s word and Jesus loves them.  The Bible Study hour begins at 9:45 for children birth through Kindergarten age.  Worship Care is available during the Sunday morning worship hour (11:00 am) for children birth through pre-kindergarten while parents attend the worship service.  Worship care includes: guided play,  a small snack, reviewing the Bible lesson from Sunday school, singing & listening to children’s music, a craft, and occasionally attending our “Children’s Chapel” to begin to learn how to worship.

Thorough background checks are performed on our Sunday school teachers, our rotating list of volunteers and our paid staff.  Someone certified in CPR and First Aid is always present. 

The Preschool is open on Wednesday nights during Bible Study, Choir and Orchestra practice as well as other “special Family events” throughout the year.