We're grateful for whatever has brought you here and hope you continue to join us.

What you'll find when you come to Northside:

  • A true family of believers.  And just like any family, we have our quirks
  • A casual and welcoming environment. Your brokenness is welcome here.  You'll fit right in.
  • A safe experience - we take safety seriously.  Rest assured we do all we can to protect our church family as we worship together.
  • Blended worship - hymns, praise songs, and everything in between. We believe the Lord speaks through music and the heart of worship can be experienced through it all.
  • Biblical truth. Our cornerstone.


  • For our Worship Service:  The worship center (Sanctuary) is located on the corner of N. Beaton St. and Forrest Lane, on the North end of our campus.  Parking areas are available along N. Beaton St. and just off of Forrest Lane.
  • For Parents with Children:  You will find that parking on the South end of our campus, just off of N. Beaton Street is the most convenient area to park.  Enter the South lobby area through the double glass doors and you will quickly find the Children's and Preschool ministry areas.  
  • For Adults with no children: You will find that parking on the North end of our campus, just off of Forrest Lane will be convenient for you.
  • For Students (youth):  Parking is available next to the Student Ministry building located towards the North end of our campus.
  • For Special Events in the Fellowship Hall: Park at the South end of our campus and enter through the double glass doors.