Each Sunday at 9:45 AM children through adults gather in small groups for the purpose of spending time together in Life Transformational Bible Study, Ministering to Each Other, and Building Meaningful Relationships.

 Life Transformational Bible Study:  As we study God’s Word not only are we informed but we are transformed.  Our minds are informed with the knowledge of God and his Word.  Our hearts are transformed into the character of God and His ways.  God uses His Word to conform us more and more into his image and to change us as we apply His Word to everyday living.

Ministering to Each Other:  A healthy small group not only studies the Word, but it also cares for its members. Many times the small group is the first line of pastoral care.  Thus, small group members are able to pray for one another and help meet needs as they arise.

Building Meaningful Relationships:  Far too often it is easy to be in the same room with others on a regular basis but to not really know them.  Our Bible study small groups help to foster true fellowship by encouraging our classes to “do life together.”  In other words, our relationships go beyond just saying “Hello” on Sunday morning.  Sometimes our groups go out to a restaurant together or maybe they serve together on a ministry project. Bible Study small groups have proven to be one of the best ways to connect with others. 

An updated list of these small groups (classes) can be found at the Information Desks located in the North & South Lobbies and other information areas located throughout the facility and on the Northside Baptist Church app.